Who I am?

A little bit about me

Hi, my name is Dries "dsdesign" Schaballie. Digital Designer & Director, 3D passionate, XR specialist and Unreal Engine enthousiast.

I have now more then 15 years of industry experience for international clients and world famous heritage sites. I have a strong focus on disruptive digital projects. I co-fouded 2 digital agencies and worked as a creative director and all-round digital design professional.

My projects reflect my passion for this industry, and my work is infused with creativity and emotion. When not immersed in front of the computer, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 daughters.

How do I work?

My specialties.

I'm passionate about emerging platforms, like XR, Virtual Production, in-car entertainment, holographic screens, gaming and metaverse content.

For content creation I love using the latest tools. I use the newest 3D kitbash, AI, procedural and photogrammetry toolsets to cut costs and speed the workflow.

Last but not least I have a strong skillset in editing 360 / and regular video production / trailers with custom made sounddesign. I have a general strong design vision.

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Awards & Recogition